EL Ebi – I Give My All

EL Ebi is a BSc holder in the Department of Animal & Environmental Biology, GPD in Geography & Environmental Management from the University of Port Harcourt.
A native of Bayelsa state, a songwriter, a recording artist, currently serving in the choral department of Awesome GOD Ministries, Port Harcourt.
The song “I GIVE MY ALL” which happen to be my debut single,
was given to me by GOD which speaks of His infinite love serving as a defense and protection for all His children.



  1. Sure, the command praise/worship God with what HE[God Almighty] has given freely to you is practicslised here, in so doing, Our God will increase HIS Grace in you – Amen.
    Praise God, “in times like this” covid-19 pandemic- perilous time, God has used the situation to Calm and cancel all evil attacks, intimidation, oppression, lack, death and frustration in El.EBI’s Life.
    Breakthrough, !! Breakthrough !! In your career, finance & health Amen.

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