Gbenga Adeyemi – You

This song titled “YOU” would get you moving from the beginning to the end. Besides the fact that the lyrics would serenade your soul and the melody would get a grip on you and just won’t let you go, the beautiful blend of percussions and high life tempo would connect with you at a much deeper level that it proves irresistible. In no time, your fancy would be tickled and you’d loose your cool collected self to a sound of boundless joy from heaven. It most likely would take you on a swift journey, opening Windows in your mind’s eyes to screenshots of wonderful memories; priceless and capable of humbling you into a thanksgiving mode, as they justify to you that “you’re nothing without Him”. Listening and relishing this song would always translate you into a state of reminiscence on the goodness and loving kindnesses of God in your life. Particularly on how God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise in and with your story. I am double sure that you’d be able to relate with this song because somewhere along the lines, your testimony is actually being told.




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