Abuja based Steve Crown Okolo born into a family of six hails from Benue state. He portrayed interest in music at the age of four and joined Saint John’s Anglican church choir at the age of seven, he was a member of the famous children’s happiness club named Deacon Kids Band. He has shared stage with many great gospel artists, sang in concerts, crusades, served as Music director in several choirs and singing groups till date.

The world is largely about the Youths; they are the leaders of tomorrow, the strength of the society and the picture for which a country is judged.

Lakelight was born for the purpose of listening and channeling the voice and its message to the world.

Excess strength and time lays at the feet of the youth irrespective of the gender.

Lakelight vision is to help discover each person’s place in life. For every youth we can reach we teach to believe in who they are and work hard to succeed and maintain excellence in their field.

Our vision and mission is also to discover talents, listen and help create a platform that will help them create positive impact in the society. Lakelight is a great family. Steve Crown is the founder and President of Lakelight entertainment.

Phone No: 08165510337
Twitter: ‎@SteveCrownmusic
Instagram: @steve_crown_official


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