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                                        BIOGRAPHY OF GREATJIM PERE.

Greatjim is a Nigeria gospel minister born on 18th of January as the 1st of six children of a family where Christian norms and values are taken as utmost priority. His full name is Greatjim Ediseye Pere. He is from Ovia constituency in Edo State and he is based in Lagos State. He is a choir member and loves to play the drum set while he was a teenager.

He stated as a musical rapper with the name G-Jay Core during his junior school days with some other hip hop group his school and in his church, not until his mother nurtured him of singing to blessing the name of God and this is why almost all of his songs are talking about praising God and exalting His Name. He is having soft spot of praising God and his first gospel released is titled; Call His Name.

While he was still working on his musical career, he was faced with lots of discouraging challenges but he never gave up. He is a graduate of the Delta State University, Abraka where he obtained a B.Sc. (Ed) in Political Science. He is a song writer, singer, novelist, music minister of the gospel and an academic instructor who has the charisma of influencing people’s behaviour positively. He is having lots of literature text for colleges in his archive and has authored one of them titled, Tina in Diaspora.

                                              SONG TITLE: CALL HIS NAME. 
Artist: Greatjim Pere.



Intro: Everybody stand up 
           And call His Name…… Jesus Christ!

Verse 1 
He created us in His Image…… 
Jesus Christ  (Respond) 
He made us very strong and healthy too…… 
Jesus Christ  (Respond) 
He’s the giver long life prosperity…… 
Jesus Christ  (Respond) 
Everybody stand up 
And call His Name; Jesus Christ. …..

Verse 2 
Who can defend you and stand 
By your side? 
Jesus Christ (Respond) 
Who can support you and fight 
For you too? 
Jesus Christ (Respond) 
He’s your Refuge and Protector 
True say….. 
Jesus Christ (Respond) 
Everybody stand up 
And call His Name……….

God na my Father 
God na my Lover too 
Na my Creator 
God na my mentor too 
I dey tell you 
Because na mine Helper 
He go defend you 
Protect and guide you through ……..

Am wondering how His 
Love and faithfulness, 
Am thinking how He came to die for me, 
Am wondering how His 
Blood was shed for me! 
He broke down every yoke 
And set me free…….. 
He made me His lover 
Am so grateful. 
Everybody stand up 
And call His Name…….

Verse 3: 
Whosoever shall call on the Name of !!! 
Casting all your cares and burden on Him !!! 
Whosoever shall believe on the Name !!! 
Truly He will save out of difficulty…. 
Jesus Christ  (Respond)…..

Verse 4: 
When your father and mother forsake you 
Or your spouse, friends, family do the same 
Then the Lord will take you from where 
They stopped……. 
To a better place with milk and honey 
Jesus Christ (Respond)…….

Jesus Christ (Respond)……. 
He’s! Jesus Christ (Respond) 
Jesus Christ (Respond) 
To a better place with milk and honey….. 
Jesus Christ (Respond) 
Jesus Christ(Respond) 
He’s! Jesus Christ 
Jesus Christ(Respond) 
To a better place with milk and honey 
Jesus Christ(Respond)………….. 

                                      ABOUT THE SONG, CALL HIS NAME.

This song is composed and written by Greatjim Pere. He got the inspiration from studying about the gloriousness and love God has on his children, in the book of Genesis, chapter 1:26 & 27, made it clear when He said, Let’s make man in our own image. Now, the composition of human is more than what we see with our natural eyes, it needs a supernatural sight for us to see the extra endowments bestowed on everyone and if those endowment are not utilized, He gets offended.

As human residing on earth, there are lots of challenges and difficulties that are ready to face anyone. This is why Romans chapter 10:13 says, that whosoever shall call on the Name of the LORD shall be saved, for you to be able to utilize those endowments in you, you need to run to Jesus, to be save. Now, if you don’t believe in the Name of JESUS, there’s bound to be mysterious encounters staged by the enemies.

The verse 4 of the song was inspired from the book of Psalm chapter 27:10, when my father, mother, friends, family, even your spouse forsakes you, as a result of your pitiable situation, then the Lord will arise and take you up beyond human imaginations.

It’s a song of praise, acknowledgement and restating the surprises that God has done and He’s still doing.

This song was inspired by the WORD OF GOD!!!

As you listen and celebrate along the music of praising God, May your heart be filled with undeniable joyous celebrations and may your heart desires be granted, in Jesus Name. Amen!!!!!!!


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