(VO)story story (story) ×2
Once upon a time (time time) ×2
Okay, this the story of a man
Struggling as hard as he can
With life, for every means to survive
He said to me, my brother,
I don’t know what ekse to do
I am tired of what I’m going through
And I have no where else to turn to
I told him young man, take a look at me and tell me what you see
I have been delivered and set free
And now I am as happy as I can be
Let me give you, a secret of how my life turned out this way
How it went from night to day
It is simply because…
Jehovah dey by my side (si-de)
He is never gonna make me fall (fa-ll)
He’ll raise me up upon his shoulder (his shoulder)
Lest I dash my foot against the stone (the stone)
He’ll never sleep he’ll never slumber
And he has promised to never ever leave me alone
Verse 2
Ah o ti ye mi, now I understand what you are saying
That is the secret that I have been missing
To turn my mourning into dancing ah
I’ve been looking in the wrong direction
My life needs a lot of correction
Now tell me what can I do
So I can enjoy the privilege too
Young man, get on your knees and say
Lord I’m begging you please I pray
I don’t want to take another step until you are with me all the way
Give me a brand new beginning
Fight my battles so I can start winning
So that one day, I will join my brother to say…
Jehovah dey (he dey, he dey) x4
He dey by my right
He dey by my left
And he dey by my front
Jehovah, Jehovah he dey-hey
For my business He dey! Hey!
For my family he dey!
Alo atabo mi he dey
For morning and evening he dey
Everywhere that I turn eyeh
Everywhere that I look eyeh
Se you no see say he dey
You better shine your eyes and see say he dey


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