We are a chosen generation,
Heaven is our destination
This little light of mine
Ama gonna let it shine
There is no force that is gonna stop us
In Jesus we are victorious, we are furious
More Than conquerors
So all my Christian soldiers (carry go)
All my born again brethren (Carry go)
All my Jesus people (carry go)
Make we carry go, upon the narrow way
To the brighter side so (carry go)
From Abuja to Anambra (carry go)
From Lagos to Kaduna (carry go)
All over Nigeria, upon the narrow way to
The brighter side
People are living g so deep in this life
They forget that they still have another live, yeah
All they think about is what to eat what to wear
How to get a husband or wife
Because the devil creates a false reality
Messing with our mind and our mentality
Pulling all of our focus on triviality
Causing us to forget our spirituality
Are you a Christian soldier? Let me ask again
Are you a Christian soldier ?
Do you have a destination ?
Have you heard of consecration?
Because you cannot serve God and mammon
You have to make up your mind
So you can choose one
Jesus christ is coming back again
Will you be ready so you can carry go to heaven
Aye loja, Orun nile. (×2)
If you are willing (carry go)
If you are obedient (carry go)
If you are sanctified (carry go)
And if you’re a Christian soldier (carry go-ooh)
And if you belong to Jesus (carry go)
You know that you are a believer (carry go)
And you are filled with the spirit (carry go)
If you are ready to go (carry go)

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