I don’t know who I am
But I know who I should be
All my life I have tried
I have really tried
Thought I could do this on my own
I didn’t know that my identity is in Jesus
And He alone can tell me who I am
If only I had listened to the still, small voice
I would have everything and more
I wish I knew you more than this
I wish I knew the way to your heart
And I am so sorry for the times that I didn’t listen
I wish I was broken more than this
I have stumbled and I have fallen
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Except in the arms of my creator, my King
‘Cause only you can make it all new
So I’m coming back to you Jesus, yes
I want to know the plans you have for me
I’ve gone too far from where I should be
But I believe you can bring me back
I wish I could love you more
I wish I could fear you more
I wish I could listen more
I wish I could follow you more
I wish x4

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