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Biography of the unique kidz
Unique kidz, as they are popularly called, is a group of divinely inspired and highly talented siblings that have a mandate of producing theatre tracks that are relevant, to comfort, inspire, entertain and bless people of all age groups including children, young adults and older adults. Their musical production has been revelational and attracted a lot of testimonies from their fans.
The eldest of the unique kids is Favour Ohanta, she is 13 and currently in her senior secondary school class, the second is her brilliant and handsome younger sibling who goes by the name Ebube, 11, they have a younger female sibling,9 years old Amanda. The Unique kidz are completed by a set of twins, Gerrard and Jonathan both 7
So far so good, they have been able to release their debut albulm titled LET IT SHINE with 6 tracks which they launched in April, 2018 some of which includes winner winner their hit track,my lord Jesus and Amara chineke among others. They are supported by their parents who are successful entrepreneurs to the glory of God.



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