Yetunde Sanni – Baba Gba Ogo

Minister Yetunde deemed it fit to appreciate God for all he has done and for who he is universal.
She is left with no better choice than to return all the glory to God.

Iwo lo ni ogoooo/3x
I give you praise O God
Alagbada Ina
Alawotele orun
Gbanigbani tansaya
Ologo Imole ooo
Awamaridi Oba
We give you praise

I need to tell you say you’re good baba
I want to give you praise for who you are
You took my shame from me you gave me fame ooo
You took my pains away you gave me gains
All my life I live to give you praise baba
For the rest of my days I love to honour you
You gave your life so I’ll be free
For all you’ve done for me I give you all

Baba Gba Ogo
Ko gba eye titi…
Wa gba ogo
Ko gba eye tire ni titi…
Jowo gba ogo
Ko gba eye Titi…
Wa gba ogo
Ko gba eye tire ni titi /2x

I lift my hands baba to bless your name
From the depth of my heart I sing to worship you
For the things you dey do for me e dey sweet me so
You butter my bread for me I dey shine
well well
Na your blessings baba na him I dey take dey breathe
My body I dey shake for you I komole
Your peace in my life baba na Mega Mega
Your love for me baba e too much ooo

Iwo lo ni ogoooo/3x
I give you praise O God!!!!


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